Top 3 Aerolite Suitcases for Smart Travellers

Premium luggage with affordable price

Whenever you want to go to visit a new place, the feeling must be very excited and most people spend their time to prepare it in advance. Finding the right suitcase to accompany you during the travel time is one of the top priorities because you would bring your favorite stuff in this suitcase. Several days ago, I found blog about aerolite luggage review that enlisted top 3 recommended suitcases. This article will review those top3 suitcases for you as the smart traveller’s choice.

  1. Carry On Under Seat Wheeled Trolley Luggage Bag

Our first list is an Under Seat Wheeled Trolley type. This is a perfect choice for premium business luggage. The design gives you many varieties of color cases, that’s available in Black, Olive, Gray, Navy, Aztec Multi, and the Bags & Shoes pattern.

The overall suitcase dimension designed in a smaller size than the average suitcase in the size of 16.5 x 13.8 x 7.8 “; with the weight only 4.29 lbs. In this small design, I found blog about aerolite luggage review mentioned that in this small design, itbecomes easier to be placed in any compartment such as under your flight seat, especially for an international flight such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and United Airlines.

Other features available such as retractable handle with three expanding stages. Four wheels on the bottom make it really easy to move while you are walking into your important venue.It also has an extra pocket on the front side to keep small stuff such as books or battery charger to give you an easy carry for this stuff.

I found blog about aerolite luggage review

  1. Carry On Max Lightweight Upright Travel Suitcase

The next option is an upright luggage style. This luggage is very light with only 50% weight of the average luggage weight. Four wheels are designed to rotate 360-degree for easy maneuver in all directions. As the carry-on bags, it has some extra pocket on the front side equipped with a secure padlock combination set. And then it has a 10 years warranty to support you during the usage.

  1. ABS Hard-shell Luggage

The next luggage on our list is a hardcover type luggage made from extra durable life constructed from ABS material. This feature brings a safety to keep in all your important stuff inside the suitcase in a protected condition. So when you put into flight baggage, it would be able to support the entire stacked load from other luggage above it.

Overall empty weight of this luggage is only 6.17 pounds, which make it an extra lightweight option to bring in a travel budget condition. Other than that, this luggage is designed with four spin wheels in 360-degree maneuver for easier movement in any direction. And then the suitcase itself is protected with five year warranty to keep you safe from the damage that could occur during shipment.