Pattaya: Your Theme Park Destination in Thailand

Whether you plan to take the entire family, have a fun couple’s retreat, or even enjoy the excitement on your own, Pattaya is a great choice for a theme park destination while you’re in Thailand. Of course, before booking your tickets, you’ll need a little more information, so, let this short guide give you all you need.

Wonderful Pattaya

Situated right on the water, overlooking Pattaya Bay, Pattaya City has everything you might want in a vacation, including its world-famous theme park.  Besides the theme park, Pattaya is also famous for its white sand beaches and sparkling ocean waters.  Additionally, you’ll also find extensive shopping, exquisite dining options, golf clubs and incredible hotels.  There are even 24-hour night clubs for those of you that enjoy the late-night hours and dancing.

If you instead prefer the more cultural and traditional side of things, don’t worry, Pattaya has something for everyone.  You can enjoy nearby temples, cultural statues, or even a peaceful hike through the countryside.  Of course, you can’t forget about the cultural theme park in Pattaya that will give you both a background in Thai culture and a day full of fun, excitement, and laughter.

Full-Service Theme Park

cultural theme park in Pattaya

If you’re looking for the best place to experience both Thai culture and all the fun a theme park has to offer, you made a perfect choice in coming to Pattaya.  Before booking your tickets to any theme park in the area though, be sure to ask for a list of offered services.  You’ll only want to book tickets at a theme park that offers everything you desire.  Services to keep an eye out for are, first and foremost, culture-based, such as cultural plays, dancing, and musicals.

Additionally, you’ll also want to make sure that services at your theme park of choice has dining options (especially if you’re bringing your family), gift shops, rides that fit all ages and “fun” levels, and an overall clean, friendly environment.  The best theme park will give you a little something for everyone in your entire family, such as tame rides for the kids, fun cultural shows for adults, and roller coasters for the teens.

Family Friendly Price Tag

When it comes to a theme park, the entire family tends to participate and therefore, there’s a good chance the price tag will come into play.  For both a cultural experience and a day filled with fun, there is something to be said about the balance the theme park in this area gives you.  Here in Pattaya, you’ll get both a thought-provoking cultural experience and a day filled with smiles, all at a reasonable, affordable price.

The bottom line when it comes to Pattaya and theme parks in this region is that your very best bet is to keep in mind a reasonable price tag and a theme park that has a full list of services to please everyone in the family.  Finally, you simply can’t go wrong with a destination like Pattaya.  Have a great theme park experience.