India’s most underrated beaches you must visit

India is a beautiful country. Its unique culture, people, the unique geography due to which it is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is also a place with spectacular architecture, stunning landscapes, serene lakes, the majestic Himalayas, gushing waterfalls and so on.

India is covered by water on the three sides. Due to this unique feature of the Indian subcontinent, it has many beaches around it. Going on vacation for visiting all these beautiful beaches is surely a great idea.  There are many famous beaches like the beaches in Goa, the Kovalam beach, the Marina beach, etc. But there are also a few less established but very beautiful beaches in India. If you want to avoid the usual crowd and enjoy the silence, do visit the following beaches this holiday.

Tilmati Beach, Karnataka

You might have seen beaches with yellow and white sand. Have you heard of beaches with black sand? Here it is. Tilmati beach is situated in Karwar, which is in the Goa-Karnataka border. The black sand is its speciality. Due to the black sand here, it is called the monsoon coast. Another interesting part of this place is that to reach here; you need to trek from a place called Manjali. Thus, a visit to this place will surely be fun.

Lalaji Bay Beach, Andaman Islands

This beach is located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The white sands and the mangrove around the beach are very enchanting. You can either go boating or relax in the white sands here. If you are looking for a peaceful holiday without any hustle bustle, this is surely the right place for you.

Om Beach, Karnataka

This beach is located in Gokarna. Gokarna is called little Goa. As the name suggests,  the shore of the sea is in the shape of the “Om,” a Hindu religious symbol. This is the specialty of this beach. It is surrounded by the lush green scenery. If you want to relax and get some fresh air this holiday, do not forget to visit Gokarna.

Butterfly beach, Goa

Goa is the most well-known place for beaches. Yet, there are a few unexplored beaches in Goa too. The Butterfly beach is one of them. The butterflies here are the speciality of this beach. If you visit this beach, be sure of catching a few butterflies in a can. This beach is unseen due to the huge rocks around it. To reach this beach, you need to first travel by Bangalore to Goa flights and then reach this beach by a jet boat or a ferry. This place will serve the best if you want a quiet place to relax during a holiday. Also, remember to book your Bangalore to Goa flights online in advance.

Ottinene Beach, Karnataka

This beach is situated in Udupi. It is a merging point of the river Sumana with the Arabian Sea. This beach is unseen because of the cliffs around. It is also near to the Someshwara Temple. You can witness the most beautiful sunrise and sunset on this beach. It is surely a must visit.

So, folks, now that you are aware of the five most underrated, but beautiful beaches of India, all you need to do is book your tickets and head to these interesting places.