Why Should You Stay At A Luxury Hotel?

Do you sometimes think about staying in a luxury hotel and what the experience would be like? The truth is, going luxury hotels are quite different from normal hotels and they truly take the hotel

Do you sometimes think about staying in a luxury hotel and what the experience would be like? The truth is, going luxury hotels are quite different from normal hotels and they truly take the hotel experience to a whole new level. In this article, we will look at some of the features of luxury hotels and what you can expect to experience.

It should be noted that luxury hotels are different from one another and not all of the features and experiences discussed will be relevant to all. So, if you want to have a particular experience, you should do your research. The benefits of staying at a luxury hotel discussed here are all based on my experiences when I stayed at the popular luxury hotels like Sheraton, Alpen Palace Spa Hotel, Shangri-La etc.

The Benefits

  1. The Design Of The Hotel Itself Is Beautiful

When you go to a luxury hotel, you will notice that the entire hotel is beautiful, which includes the exterior, lounge area and even the publicly accessible parts. Once you enter a luxury hotel, you will feel as though you have been transported to a completely different and beautiful place and you will feel how different and special the hotel is.

  1. Smells Amazing

Next, you will also notice that the hotel will not only look luxurious but also smell amazing. This wonderful smell will be spread throughout the hotel which includes the corridors, reception etc. Even though this is a small thing, it definitely makes you feel a lot more pleasant.

  1. Great Security

Next, there is typically excellent security at most luxury hotels. They usually offer key card access to the rooms as well as the elevator. There are also usually cameras throughout the hotel and there will typically be a safe in each room. Additionally, there are usually many security guards, however, they aren’t always easy to spot.

  1. Facilities For Events & Conferences

There will typically be various facilities for meetings and conferences as well as for private events such as weddings.

  1. Great Service

One of the notable things about staying at a luxury hotel is that the staff and service would be quite exceptional. The staff would be well trained and would give exceptional levels of personal care. These type of hotels also have more staff than normal hotels that are well trained.

Some of the services that you can expect are:

– Drinks upon your arrival
– Sweets in your room as welcome. These can include chocolate, cookies, macaroons etc.
– Turndown service
– Wine or Champagne bottle
– Local gifts such as local branded tea, sweets etc.
– Flowers
– Welcome notes that are personalised and left on your table
– Car parking
– Multilingual staff
– You can also expect the staff to be very professional, friendly and very well groomed

You can also expect butler services such as:

– A call before your arrival at the hotel to determine if you have any special requests
– Personally welcoming you when you arrive at the hotel as well as assisting you with checking into your room
– You can expect your butler to give you various tips on the area you’re staying and offer their services to help you get around and go sightseeing.
– Packing and unpacking services
– Laundry and in some cases, even shoeshine services

  1. Great Looking Rooms

It is a known fact that luxury hotels have gorgeous rooms which are typically designed according to the style of the hotel or the place that it is located. You can expect this type of theme with Luxury Collection hotel brands. The rooms are also extremely comfortable which will definitely make you want to stay as long as you can. That was certainly the case for me when I visited the Prince de Galles hotel in Paris.

  1. Extremely Comfortable Beds

You can expect to have a fantastic night’s rest while sleeping in a luxury hotel. They typically have large beds with the most comforting pillows and sheets. The sheets are also usually a bit heavier and they also typically provide quite a lot of pillows.