4 Things to Look for in Quality Budget Bangkok Hotels

As the great Cole Porter so perfectly put it, “There’s no cure like travel.” More and more people are seeking out that cure by spending time in Bangkok. One of the great cities not just in Asia but the whole world, Bangkok is an incredibly hot tourist attraction, routinely ranked alongside the likes of London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo as the most traveled to and touristic cities on Earth.

Of course, just because you’re eager to spend “One Night in Bangkok” doesn’t mean that you want to spend a fortune to do so. That’s why, as a savvy traveler, you’ll want to look out for these four key things which searching for the best budget hotel in Bangkok Sukhumvit.

  1. Location, Location, Location

It’s the first rule of real estate, and it’s our first tip here – be sure to pay close attention to the area in Bangkok in which you’ll be staying. The Sukhumvit area is one of the most upscale areas of the city, making it a great place to stay. That said, in a city as busy as Bangkok, traffic can often be quite tricky to navigate, especially for tourists. As such, you’ll want to make it easy on yourself by booking a room near one of the major metro stations in the Sukhumvit area.

  1. Finding the Right Room or Suite

Then again, maybe you’re looking to make your stay in the prestigious Bangkok Sukhumvit area extra special and are ready to spring for a suite. The best hotel rooms and suites in Bangkok feature a wide range of luxurious offerings, including:

    • Luxury décor
    • Sumptuous bedding
    • Spacious interiors
  • Spotless bedrooms and boudoirs
  • Great dining options
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free parking

In addition, if you have any special requests, the best Bangkok hotel staffs will be happy to oblige.

  1. The Price

Now we come to that “budget” part of the equation. You’ll want to take the time to compare different Bangkok hotel rates against one another. While doing so, you’ll want to compare the rates of different hotels as well as individual rooms.

  1. Check the Reviews

Last but not least, you always want to be sure to check the reviews when booking a room in a hotel. That goes double for hotels in a country outside of your own. You are about to be a guest in a foreign country, and while that’s incredibly exciting and has the potential to translate into one of the best experiences of your life, you also want to be on the lookout for the myriad of scams of which tourists are often targets.

Therefore, you’ll want to make sure ahead of time that you know what you’re getting into when it comes to the place in which you’ll be staying. Luckily, Bangkok is home to some of the best budget hotels in the world. By reading and comparing reviews, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a budget hotel that suits your price point and desired features.

Make your next stay in Bangkok one to remember by booking an excellent budget hotel room.